Sina Müller first came in contact with Breaking at the age of 21 at a Hip Hop Event in Madrid.
Since she’s joining the Funky Monkez Crew in 2013, she has been on stage internationally
meanwhile. Together with her Crew she could already have some successes, for example the
Best Show at the Urban Dance Festival in Linz, second Place at BOTY Central Europe in Zürich
or second Place at the Late Night Battle in Linz. With her musicality and her own style she
achieved it 2019 at the Toprock and B-Girl 1vs1 Battle at the Red Bull BC One Cypher Austria
until the semifinals. In the same year she discovered Hip Hop Freestyle for herself. In addition to
her own, Sinaya is especially concerned with the development of young people. Besides to
weekly training sessions with offspring dancers from whole Carinthia, Sinaya devotes herself the
organisation of Hip Hop Events. Together with El Vasi and the support of their Crew she
organized various Youth Battles and also the most famous Battle in Carinthia, Carinthian X