Maira Darja Horvath is a strongly Urban and Contenporary influenced dancer based in Vienna. She is working as a performer and choreographer in the field of dance theater, organizes events and teaches classes regularly. After graduation at sportsschool, attending the Urban Dance Styles university program where „Storm“ became one of her main trainers, she had the possibility to enjoy leading figures of the Urban scene as her teachers – resulting to deal intensively with different urban dance styles. In the same time she immersed herself in the world of contemporary dance, went back to her “Capoeira childhood” – and now enjoys the fluid interaction of different movement qualities, making her become the diversity mover she is today. Besided touring and performing with dance-theater companies like„Hungrysharks“, „Ichbinok“ and „VRUM performing arts collective“, she puts a lot of energy in connecting different artists and contries, organizing different events like: „Feedback ein Performancebend“, Jams or Videoshoots. Mairas principle is to be a child, constantly developing herself and to do so with a lot of joy and euphoria which she loves to spread, also with her students